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Mao Kids - Fun for Kids in London

London is a dynamic and thriving city with over 8 million people with a whole heap of fun and educational activities for kids to do.  Mao Kids provides information on some of the activities available in London, as well as games and links to other educational websites in both English and French.

London sport

London Sport

The 2012 Olympic Games and Para-Olympics brought the spotlight of sport around the world to London, with fantastic shows and great sport, with the Great British team coming 3rd with 29 Gold Medals (the US was 1st and China 2nd).

We look at how the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was built for the games.

Quad biking

Quad Biking

One of our favourite sports is Quad Biking and Mao Kids looks at Quad Biking in London for kids and adults alike.  While London is a densely packed city in terms of population, there are still opportunities for this and other outdoor sports.

London fashion

London Fashion for Kids

While Paris just over the sea from London may be more well known for its fashion houses, London still has plenty to offer with the annual London Fashion Week attracting huge audiences from around the world.

On Mao Kids you can read more about the fashion scene in London for children.